Tuesday, 22 October 2013

His Glory Defined

A lot has been going in my life lately. I like to think that I've gone bipolar hahaha. I even considered visiting a psychiatrist when I got a lil mad for not understanding one photograph! At times, I almost hate everyone, and I dont even know why. Little things will make me go berserk. At this age, I'm handling too many things and i have too much of responsibilities. At times, it feels like I'm carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders, and it's just too much. Well, that's no excuse for not updating my blog! I'm just plain lazy and at the same time, one can blame it on instagram coz that's the easiest platform to showcase my photographs!
But this is life, and it is what it is. We all gotta fight for our existence! 
"Work hard, play hard" 

Anyhow I'm still capturing sunsets, day after day and they're like my happy pills! It's always relaxing to end the day with a beautiful sunset. Here are a few photographs that i've taken the past months! 
p.s. excuse the ugly watermarks because I hate the fact that people steal photographs and claim the ownership! 

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