Tuesday, 26 November 2013

November, sweet november has always been a month to remember every year! There's always something about this month that i love so much! Last year, it rained quite a lot in November. You see lots of Facebook Status and tweets about November Rain and some will obviously post about how they hate such posts! 
Well, I don't think i have had a taste of November rain this year. Went up to my terrace to check on the beauty of the sunset and there i saw a beautiful sunset along with dark heavy clouds on top! checked Accu Weather and i saw that it's gonna rain tonight . well, mom asked me to water the plants and my favourite excuse goes like this "Its gonna rain tonight, so there is no need to water them" 
Sometimes, it rains, sometimes it doesn't . I usually blame the weather forecasts when it doesn't rain! hahaha. 
So I guess its gonna rain tonight! And then it's gonna get colder!! A lot colder! 

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