Monday, 3 June 2013

We Own The Sky

Overdosing on my collection of sunsets and skylines... I don't even know which one to pick for this post. I'm such a lazy blogger . Should I even call myself that? And I've been meaning to get my photographs printed and framed which I haven't . I'm the Queen of Procrastination, for real! And this post was saved as a draft last month... I actually decided to do a post on today's sunset because it was ahhhhmazing, and then i saw this draft. So I guess today's sunset will have to wait. 
Instagram has been my photo diary for quite sometime now, and I guess that's one reason why I feel lazy to post my pictures up on my blog. I know that's one lame excuse, ughh! 

I was gonna write something after this but then I got a text message and now, I can't really remember what i was gonna write, so well, enjoy this for now :) 

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