Monday, 10 June 2013


Tonight, I feel old than ever, not ageing, just old. I feel like my life has been too monotonous lately and boring. I'm kept busy but when the day comes to an end , that's when it strikes me, boredom. Unlike many, I love daytime and Mondays! i am serious about this one, i love Mondays!
Come to think of it, I'm almost 24 and I already feel old (p.s. 26th July is my birthday) What about when I reach 40+ ? Will I feel like my world is about to end? What if I'm still not married and without kids (though that's not the plan) . Life is uncertain, and if that happens I can't even imagine how the feeling will be like!
I wanna do what young people do, I wanna be crazy and wild again, I wanna colour my hair and shave them off again. I still regret not making those damn dreadlocks when I was in Manali, I always wanted to do that for once in life!
Anyhow,  Forever Young is on repeat on my iTunes. For some reasons, this song was on my mind since evening. And it's the perfect soundtrack for me right now. I wanna be forever young.

Whatever it may be and how old I feel, I will leave this post with one of the most awesome and hazy sunset I've seen this June. You can see The Mighty Sun overshadowing the blanket of clouds below. It's a rare sight...

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