Thursday, 17 November 2011

Along The River Beas

Last month, I went for a short trip to Manali, took a thousand pictures I've been meaning to share.
Here's the first batch and they are photos taken along the river Beas in Manali...
The close-up shots are taken near Old Manali while the rest are alongside the road to Rohtang...
First Take on the flowing water( not so good ) 

That is the bridge which connects Old Manali and New Manali

Love that striped rock...


  1. Lovely blog. Lovely pictures. Esp the waters and the rocks. Keep them coming.

  2. Nice hlawm lutuk luang thla khi shutter speed rang deuh leh muang over in i la tel bawk em? (eg 1/4000 and 30 Sec or even 2 or 3 mins)

  3. Thankyou.. Will keep them coming...
    And yes, shutter speed rang deuh chuan ka la muang chuan la lo, next time ah ka lo ti chhin ang, thanks for the suggestion.

  4. North India hi ka kal ve chak ngawt mai. i pics vel post han en hian min ti phur leh zual.

    he vaipa blog hi ka chhiar thin a hemi entry a post hi a ngaihnawm/hmuhnawm tawp.