Thursday, 29 September 2011

What's on my Desk

My Roxy-JBL Headphones Reference 430

My Books from last year

Here are a few things from my desk!!! I'm just playing with the monochrome effect as well as selective colour effect on my Nikon  D5100.
Still learning more and more about photography. Expect better pictures in the future ;-)


  1. Mam, background hi hei aia plain a la ngai a nih hi...Thlalak ho nen a "inkhuanruallo" dawn tlat. A color chu engpawh ni se, horizontal-a thil inziak awmlo ni se, chuan 'rang' lutuk ni bawk lo se a zia zawk angem? te ka ti rilru...

  2. B.E.A.Uuuutiful... and i want my headfone backkk.. hahaha.. jk...

    selective hi ka cam ah hian a awm ve louuu... PS ngai zel... :(

  3. D5100-a Selective color feature an rawn dah tel hi chu tha khawp mai. Camera dangah hian a la awm awm pawh ka hre lo. Nikon nge nge!