Thursday, 17 May 2012

Because I'm hungry!!!

Here are some pictures that i took recently and not so recent ones also... Pretty hungry that I got inspired to post these on my blog. Enjoy!!! 
1. Cafe Mocha from my favorite Coffee Shop called Aim Cafe, which is a korean coffee shop!

 2. Caeser Salad from The Big Chill , Khan Market (Another Favourite , of course)

 3. Chicken Florentine from The Big Chill

4. Dooley's in Crushed Ice at Potpourri

5. Prawns wrapped in Bacon, yet another favorite from Mamagoto

 6. Cant remember the name for this. From @Mamagoto as well

 7. The Sugar Syrup jar complementing the Iced Americano below... ( From Aim Cafe)

 8. Iced Americano ( The perfect drink when you need to study) @ Aim Cafe

 9. Chocobon From Cinnabon.  A lil rich  though.

 10. Iced Tea from Cinnabon!!

 11. The shop window at L'Opera . Very Parisien!

 12. Kimbap from Aim Cafe!! :)

 13. Chocolate Fondue ( Though the chocolate is not in the pic) You can see the sticky rice cakes which is meant to be dipped in hot chocolate sauce... And on the side is my fav toast!!

 14. Affogato at Aim Cafe

All from L'Opera Khan Market. Also at Vasant Kunj!!!!!


  1. Is the food really that good or is it because of your awesome skills with the camera capturing the perfect lighting and contrast of the object? Where is this place Aim Cafe you speak of? I'v never been to a Korean cafe before...

    Awesome blog, hope you don't mind me blogrolling you... :)

  2. cant blive u eat ol dat,mus b realy hungry,.cool pics btw cheers...

  3. well, i didnt eat them all at once, they were shot at different events.
    Aim Cafe is at Outram Lines, Delhi (north) . I'm not sure if its my skills, it's probably the food and the lightings :)