Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ladakh, The Land of Passes

Here are a few photos of Ladakh... Though the photographs are not mine, I couldn't resist posting them! All photos were taken by a friend during their family trip to Ladakh.

Ladakh is one of the most beautiful places in North India. It has this raw beauty of unexplored environment, a rich cultural heritage on its own... The snow clad desert is mesmerizing. It is one of the best place for camping, trekking and is a favorite destination for adventure junkies, mountaineers and amateur climbers. You get to see a whole lot of terrains in Ladakh. It is surrounded by mountain ranges namely the Kunlun Mountains, The Himalayas etc. 
Words are not enough to explain the beauty of this place, let the pictures do the talking...

 An overview from the plane

View of Leh.

    On the way to The Magnetic Hill. Take a car, put it in neutral and let it climb up the hill on it's own!

Zanskar Valley

Back in The Olden Days , The King punished evildoers with the task of carving "Mantras" into the stones...

This somewhat looks like the face of the moon, craters look alike as you can see..

Pangong Tso ( Pangong Lake ) .It is situated at an altitude of 14000ft above the sea level. One of the most beautiful lakes in India. Many of you must have seen this in the movie "The Three Idiots "


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