Saturday 9 February 2013


It's a blessing to live in a land that is gifted with natural beauty,  to breathe pollution-free air and to see greenery everywhere. 
It's so easy to take things for granted and once it's gone you realise how precious they are. Staying away from home has made me appreciative of nature in many ways. 
For me, being able to see the stars at night, witness beautiful sunrise and sunsets is a blessing!

Here are some beautiful pictures of Chhimtuipui that my friend took on his way to Saiha

Photography: David Maa 


  1. Very beautiful and high-res too! Ka desktop wallpaper ah kan hmang nghal teh ang :)

  2. LIKE e. Helai hi a thla ka la ve tawh, ka lak lai chuan chhum a zing nasa deuh a, khua a nuam chiah loh bawk a, ka duhthu a sam lo. I la nalh e.

  3. Maa hi Saiha an phei tur Lunglei ah khan ka hmu. Chhimtuipui hi chu hmun hrang hrang ang tunhnai mai khan ka kan :)